Bella Breakout

Bella Breakout V1.0 is a Direct X video game for Window 98, ME, 2000, XP and Vista computer systems. It is based on many previous 'Breakout' games going back to the late 1980's. The game attempts to take the best ideas from previous games as well as some new ideas.


Game Features

The game features five types of paddle:
Normal: The standard paddle
Small: A Smaller paddle
Large: A Larger paddle
Laser: Fire lasers at the bricks
Catch: The ball can be caught, positioned and then released.
The game features a number of different types of bricks:
Multi-Hit: Will need to be hit by the ball a number of times
Bonus: Produces a random number of bonus stars when hit by the ball which can be collected by the paddle
Indestructible: Can not be destroyed by the ball, laser etc
Chain reaction: Pulsating bricks, which explode when hit by the ball also exploding any bricks adjacent to them POWERUPS
When collected by the paddle they will have the following affect:
Destroy: Destroys all bricks over a short time period
Catch: Makes ball(s) stick to bat
Through: Makes balls go through the bricks, except indestructible bricks
Laser: Turns the paddle into a laser launcher
Large Bat: Increases size of the bat
Small Bat: Reduces size of the bat
Extra Life: Gain an extra Life
Ball Slow: Slows the ball down
Ball Fast: Increases ball speed
Extra Balls: Produces Four extra balls
Death: Loose A Life
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System Requirements
Processor 1Ghz or faster
Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista
Direct X 7 or higher
256Mb system memory
32MB disk space